Wednesday, 20 August 2008


It's been in my mind for some while that Jordan and I should collaborate on a story book together that could be enjoyed by and relevant to students with learning disabilities and their neurotypical peers of all ages.

Jordan has been talking about living on his own in the forest so I thought an adventure story that could also be seen as a metaphor for independence would be the way to go.

ME: So, you're in the forest and you feel thirsty. Where would you get a drink?

J: From the river! (accompanied by a roll of the eyes).

ME: What happens if you get hungry?

J: Don't eat leaves. Kick a tree and an apple will fall into your hand.

ME: Good answer! Where will you sleep when you get tired?

J: Behind the tree. (Demonstrates snoring technique).

As you can see it's still in the planning and development stage. We're off to Spain soon so we'll kick an outline into place there.


Nick McGivney said...

Well if an apple falls in the forest and nobody's around to eat it, that's a waste.

Elinor said...

Ha! Jordan's thoughts EXACTLY!