Monday, 4 August 2008


Two new, ahem, developments. Jordan wants to wear armour and wield a sword. Yes that's right, a sword. Armour I can handle but weapons I'm not so sure about. For a start, we live in Peckham which has all sorts of knife issues. Not that I'd let Jordan loose outside with a sword you understand, it's just that they aren't toys (which I can't make him understand) and it's practically guaranteed that it would be my eye on the tip of it in the event of an accident. So, Jordan's going around singing 'If I only had a sword..." to the tune of 'If I only had a heart..." from The Wizard of Oz.
In other news, Jordan has tasted beer and likes it! Well, he is 17. He got very giggly and slid off the swivel chair.

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