Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sports Day

Yesterday was Jordan's school sports day.

An event hitherto marked by him lying on the grass proclaiming 'I'm cold and I'm bored and I want to go home!' Trust me, he can keep this up for HOURS. A performance usually inspired by the fact that I had dared to turn up.

However yesterday he participated in the potato and spoon race, the relay and the long jump. Jordan and his fellow students were well-supported by staff and the lovely pupils of Dulwich College. And it didn't rain! A splendid time was had by all.

Monday, 23 June 2008

he's had his hair done and now he can't do a thing with it...

As the boy was beginning to resemble the Wild Man Of Borneo, I girded my loins yesterday and informed him, in no uncertain terms, that it was time for a shave and a haircut (do feel free to shout 'two bits!' ). The consumption of chicken and pasta was not to happen until such sartorial processes had taken place. He went into an almighty sulk but grudgingly agreed. I emerged triumphant from the fray. I'd cut myself with the scissors, he'd sworn vilely at me (language not fit for channel 4) and the amount of removed hair would stuff a mattress. This took three hours! How Vidal Sassoon does it, I'll never know. He probably gets more cooperative clients.

After all that, in the afternoon, Jordan decided to shave his head because he wanted to look like Uncle Fester out of The Addams Family. Sigh.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Eye eye!

Jordan had an eye test (our first successful one in 17 years!) to investigate the possibility of hemianopia. They couldn't be absolutely conclusive because ordinarily eye drops to dilate the pupils would be the way to go. Owing to Jordan's predilection for screaming and hanging off light fittings at the drop of a hat, we decided not to go that route. It was refreshing to be treated by people who appreciated that Jordan wouldn't recognise letters, so symbols were used instead.

To cut a long story short, they thought that his vision was fine and that his head tilting was more due to his physical asymmetry.
Done and dusted by 11 am and then we got the hell out of Dodge.