Thursday, 26 February 2009

Annual review

Today was Jordan's annual review. As I've blogged previously the next couple of years are crucial as they are concerned mainly with transition. Jordan's statement of special educational needs ceases and his funding passes to Adult services. I've heard many bad reports of how help falls away when the disabled young person becomes an adult. I certainly had the impression from the Connexions representative that she would work flat-out to prevent the support from breaking down during this process.

Anyway, it all went very well. The school is pleased with Jordan's progress. His father and I find him a delight. Jordan came to the review from his careers lesson where they were exploring road construction as a job. Nothing like a bit of role play! Jordan said he does want to go to college, that food tech was his favourite subject and he would like to make pizzas for a living. The Connexions rep said that there were various organisations such as Remploy, Bede and Toucan who support the disabled young person in job placement, which was very heartening to hear.

And that's the funny thing, as a parent I've always kept my ear to the ground and picked up all sorts of information over the years. Apart from Contact-A-Family, is there a one-stop-shop for all info relating to the raising of a child with disabilities?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Narrow-minded parents scare mother of disabled son...

There's been a right to-do about Cerrie who presents CBeebies because she's missing part of her lower arm. My lovely three-year-old niece was born without her right hand. Whilst playing in a ball pool over the Christmas hols (watched by her grandma), she was surrounded by other little kids who had a good look at her affected arm. In response to their questions, my niece replied "It's alright, it no hurt!" whereupon they all ran off to play together.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Good day to you.