Friday, 30 January 2009

Leaving school

Jordan has the rest of this academic year plus one more then he is hopefully off to Lewisham College.

I had a good chat with a lady from Connexions who is there to support us through the process, which is a relief. Fortunately Jordan will go with two fellow students, one of whom is his best mate at school. So, more relief! In their final year, they will do a link with Lewisham College one day a week to help the transition. It's all looking good on paper.

He is 18 on Monday and appears to be growing a beard! I don't know where the years have gone, seriously.


Nick McGivney said...

st wishes and good luck to Jordan on the birthday, the academia and the beard too. Bit late with the catch-up, so please forgive us all. It's the snow ;D

Elinor said...

Arf! Thanks Nick. Actually he and his sister had a joint birthday bash at a local Mexican cantina (her birthday is three days later). We all had an excellent time and his dad and I both remarked on how relaxed we felt out and about with Jordan. When he was younger any family excursion could be a very volatile occasion.