Monday, 11 January 2010

On My High Horse.

I'm getting pretty fed up with people who, with the kindest of motives, are often to be heard saying 'how you must suffer/worry/wish it had never happened to you' etc., ad infinitum. Ad nauseum actually.

It's not that I'm rejecting the kindness/blindness of strangers but I really am up to here with the pessimism of the 'normals'. By which I mean that band, that happy band who either don't come across disabled people that much in the course of their daily lives (what sheltered lives they lead!) or if they do, immediately adopt that pitying attitude that assumes we sit about quietly martyred and suffering and waiting for social services to take up the slack.

I don't do martyrdom. Fearfully ageing, don't you know. I do having a laugh. I don't think anyone with neurotypical children must be living the life of Riley. No one is. I'm fortunate to have a close family and some good mates who are happy to rock up and be with Jordan when I need to go out. Strictly on the understanding (imposed by the boy) that they don't actually talk that much to him or cramp his style. I pay them too. Above the odds because I value their help. None of that minimum wage malarkey here thank you very much.

My disabled son is a delight. There I said it! He has exceeded every single one of my expectations. I'm really looking forward to the next decade with him.

And so, into 2010 my friends. Having a laugh, cracking jokes, getting annoyed occasionally. JUST LIKE THE NORMALS! Gosh, who'd have thought it..?